TechArt GTStreet R

Since we’ve been away, TechArt have started fiddling with their 997 911 Turbo based GTStreet model and produced the GTStreet R. Being big fans of TechArt, we at GTSpirit absolutely love it! The headline figures are a staggering 660bhp and 860Nm of torque, 0-62mph in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 214mph. The power increase of 30bhp over the standard GTStreet makes an obvious difference on paper.

GTStreet R

The looks of the car are the first thing a casual bystander notices about the GTStreet R. TechArt have added an?aero-bonnet, headlight trims and mirror trims, new sill panels and a carbon fibre roof spoiler. New air scoops also increase the air flow to the intercoolers. To complete the new look a set of TechArt Formula III 20″ alloys have been included in the package.

TechArt Latest

In terms of the?mechanics, TechArt have added “new turbochargers, large carbon fibre inlet pipes, special intercoolers, a sports exhaust system combined with high-performance manifolds and an improved sports air filter”. All according to the official press release. We don’t know what sort of technology the turbochargers utilise but were guessing it’s?a lot like the?modification on the 9ff?we reported on a couple of days ago. To create a better ride overall TechArt have balanced the downforces and specially adapted the suspension, adding just over 10kg weight of downforce to both front and rear.

[Via Techart Press Release]

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