Impounded Dream Exotics

The German police has impounded a dream collection of supercars in the German province of Bavaria today. The brand new Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Porsche 997 GT3 RS, Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Continental GT and Audi R8 belonged to participants of the ‘Club GT Events’ rally that started earlier this week in Cologne and should finish in Split after a route that lead them through Germany, Austria and Croatia.

The police stopped the five supercars for alleged reckless driving on the German autobahn. It’s not the first time the German police puts an halt to a foreign road-rally involving high-end sportscars, last year the Gumball 3000 and Cannonball 8000 faced German roadblocks.

The drivers of the impounded cars carried on to Munich in rental cars. A newspaper report about the impounded supercars can be found here (German).

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  1. Why in God’s name are they driving through Germany and then especially Bavaria? They don’t read the news and talk to other organisers?
    Another event going down by dis-organisation.

  2. In Bavaria police is allowed to keep the cars and even to use them furtheron under certain circumstances.
    Let’s say you were accused smuggling drugs, say 5Kg heroin. Police can now keep yovr car if it was registered on your name.

  3. I’m sure anyone who can afford an F430 Scuderia or Bentley GT can afford a pretty damn good Lawyer or Barrister to get it back.

    But I do agree with the first statement, what the hell were they thinking going into Bavaria?……unless you drive a M5 ;-)

  4. Well, I guess the Europeans would prefer everyone to drive a “eurocar”. but lets face it,these cars are speeding when parked at the side of the road. especially when they are stickered up like g.p. cars

  5. I live in this city and I want to say these people are just jelous and should fuck off unitill they are going to be burned in hell. Is it my fault we are driving cars worth the price of the house the fucking police cock mother fuckers are living in??? If you want to leave a comment search Polizei Deggendorf or Polizei Straubing and tell them they are one piece of shit. FUCK POLIZEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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