Maximillion Cooper already warned all the drivers during the drivers briefing this morning that the German government doesn’t support the rally and even informed police forces in other countries about the German government not supporting the event.

Apparently the German police force put their money where their mouth is and are now pulling over any Gumballer they can find. And they say they will keep the Gumballers in custody till after the 10:30 flight to Istanbul. So if someone has a spare flatbed stading buy now would be a good time to use it!

Update: The Gumballers are pulled over on the A61 from the Dutch border towards Frankfurt. There’s over 50 police cars on the spot taking the Gumballers in, checking drivers licenses and registration in temporarily offices that are just there for the Gumballers. According to people on the spot it was prepared very well by the German police.

Team Polizei Update: Lead cars have been stopped and seized in Germany just 60 miles north of Hahn Airport. In better news: Team Polizei makes it first to the German Autobahn Police Checkpoint! Report is that the German Police are holding onto the cars until noon tomorrow, after the planes leave Hahn for Istanbul.

Gumballers pulled over

Update #3: The Gumballers are pulled over at a gasstation right near the town of Brohl-Lützing on the A61, only way around it is taking the A3 towards Frankfurt and then drive west right near Mainz or taking the western B-roads. At the moment Team Rainbow Diablo (Team 24) , Team Flash, Team Stanford, Team 15 and Team Dodge are the only ones who have a chance of making it to the airport without any police interference by taking a huge detour.

Update #4: We received word of another German police roadblock on the A60 just past Sankt Vith. Cars stopped there include the Mansory Rolls Royce Phantom (Team 93), Rainbow Diablo (Team 24), Team Flash (Carrera GT), Team Stanford in the Bugatti Veyron and another member of their team in the black Gemballa Cayenne.

Update #5: Gumballers are being released in groups of 10 and get a police escort to Hahn Aiport.

Update #6: After the police held every Gumballer that drove over the A61 till 6am CET they had to pay 420 euros and then were escorted to Hahn airport by the police. Between 10 and 15 cars were not allowed to drive any further in Germany so they arranged trucks to get the cars to the Hahn checkpoint. One of our Dutch members posted pictures from the police roadblock. He actually got a fine of 420 euros for just having a Gumball sticker on his car.

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  1. Team Polizei impounded?
    big deal if the gumball is delayed can’t max just resceduel the flight?

    No he can’t as my aircraft are tasked on other missions after this charter!!



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