Pierre de Thoisy and Frederic Stoesser are the winner of the 20th edition of La Carrera Panamericana. Their Studebaker with the number 400 finished as well the last leg of La Carrera, which lead the drivers from Zacatecas to Nuevo Laredo.
The Oldsmobile driven by Doug Mockett and Angelica Fuentes finished second place. The broken clutch, which caused big problems on day 6, got repaired. So Mockett and Fuentes could approve their second place.
Gabriel Perez and Horacio Chousal finished on the third place with their Ford.

For the final standings of all categories, we are still waiting for the official results. But it seems like no big changes on the last day.
Winner of the category ‘Turismo Mayor’ is Pierre de Thoisy and Frederic Stoesser.
In the category ‘Turismo Prod’, making an excellent job, first place went to Gabriel Perez and Horacio Chousal. Bill Shanahan Murray Smith, in a precious white Corvette, take the victory in the Histórica “C”.
Histórica “B” winners are Toni Planken and Oliver Sommer with their Porsche. Richard Clark and Andrew Prill finished first in the ‘Sport Menor’ class also in Porsche. First place at the category ‘Sport Mayor’ went Sam Burg and Dyana Marlett in a LT. Even the bad crash of the LT couldn’t stop them.
Last but not least Carson Scheller and Schields Richardson are the winner of the ‘Original Panam’ category.

The Unlimited Class winners are Kevin Jones and Mark Williams. At the end, they finished with a 13 minutes leading. Bruce Redding and Ronald McRae finished second place and third place went to Emil Rensing and Keri Rensing.

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