This years Torpedo Run was defenitiv one big superb event. The participants had a lot of fun together and experienced things, which they will never forget. One of the biggest German TV stations, SAT1, accompanied the event. This saturday, the 6th October 2007 at 5 pm CET, the ‘SAT1 Automagazin’ will report about the Torpedo Run, to show the fascination of supercar-enthusiasts during such legal event.

Torpedo Run 2007 was traditionally held in September for the third time. With the start in Ahaus, North of Düsseldorf (Germany) and end at Lake Garda in Italy. Car enthusiasts enjoyed an extraordinary mobile party, includig eccentric parties, luxury hotels, legendary racetracks and exclusive events. Torpedo Run gave the participants a long weekend of sheer fun!

Torpedo Run is not a race, it’s about passion. The organizers have the official go of the government and administrative authority to start the event in Germany. In 2007 the varied tour included several European countries and the highest pass roads of the Alps conquered by cars like Lamborghini Diablo SV, Ferrari F430, Porsche Turbo, Corvette Z06 and Mini Cooper S.

Next Torpedo Run will be held in September 2008, again starting in Germany and leading across several European countries. You can await action-packed events, selected locations as well as parties and luxury hotels – the cream of the crop. We will announce the first details about the 2008 edition soon!

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