Last night a highspeed chase involving a Porsche 996 GT3 was shown on the Dutch tv show ‘Wegmisbruikers‘. The silver Porsche 996 GT3 caught the eye of an undercover highway police surveillance car and after two speed measurements of 211 km/h and 196 km/h he ignores the stop sign given by the police and a highspeed chase begins. After taking a little detour the Porsche spins and crashes into the highway barrier but is still able to continue.

At a highway parking the driver jumps into a silver Golf and someone else takes the wheel of the already wrecked Porsche. The uncover police car follows the Golf and after they pass the Porsche GT3 that crashed for a second time the reinforcements decide to use a traffic jam tactic to catch the driver and passengers of the Golf with the lowest possible risk for other roadusers.

News sources say the driver carried a gun and a big amount of harddrugs with him. Shame those idiots destroy the car without even using the full potential.

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  1. such calm arrest of the golf driver, un USA they would first pounded his face 5 times against the asphalt, leaving some teeth behind, then drop kicked him, jammed the elbow against the spine, pointed the gun between his eyes, kicked him around some more, then about 15 cops would have piled on top of him, ripped of his clothes, then thrown him in police car, but they would only do this all after the news helicopter arrived, to kill time they would FIRST stand and just wait 15 minutes while pointing 15 guns at the suspect that is laying on the floor. .. huuraay for hollywood and los angeles freeways haha


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