Torpedo Run

So the countdown has begun, with approximately only 1 month to go until the Torpedo Run (21st – 23rd September 2007) starts in Ahaus, North of Düsseldorf, in Germany. And the interst in the event is rising more and more. To tell you at once: You can win the car of a team joining the Torpedo Run and on the racetracks of Papenburg participants of the Torpedo Run have the possibility to drive together with a professional racing driver. If you are up for taking part in the Torpedo Run, you should hurry up to enter the event! Torpedo Run gives you an experience you are never going to forget. In the past months the organisators worked out an amazing trip with style. Even the sign-in takes place at a spectacular location: at the Tobit Elements, formerly known as the Virtual Aero, the first virtual airbase worldwide. The location was rebuild and offers the visitors even more attractions. There you become a pilot and get to know what it means to dash an aircraft with high speed over the rooftops of famous cities. The simulators allow unlimited twists of 360 degrees over the roll as well as over the pitch axes – a real adrenaline rush! And the Torpedo Run starts out of a real hangar. Imagine the great scenery including the Ferraris, Porsches, Lamborghinis etc.

Undoubtly the “holy” automotive proving ground of Papenburg (Germany) is one highlight of this years’ Torpedo Run. Normally used by well-known car manufacturers to test new vehicles and which is usually closed for public access, the participants can experience the modern racetracks and an impressive high speed oval, exclusively reserved for them.

On the reproduction of the small Hockenheimring, a track known by Formula 1 fans, you can experience as a co-pilot of a professional racing driver the corners and straights in a BMW 320i, a race car usually driven by Engstler Motorsport in the ProCar series. Furthermore the high speed oval with banked curves of up to 49.7 degrees is like a shot of adrenaline when you feel the zero side force. A street legal reproduction of the BMW 320i to the value of 50,000 Euros has been entered in the Torpedo Run. And you can win this car at the end of the year at

To point out – to avoid misunderstanding – that Torpedo Run ist not a race. It’s the journey and memories that count. So the Torpedo Run got the official go of the government and administrative authority!

Torpedo Run is about fun! In total there are 3 days loaded with luxury hotels, sensational events and eccentric parties. As exclusive as the event are the participants. People from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kindgdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Taiwan have entered the event so far. After the trip across 5 European countries the drivers conquer the highest pass roads of the Alps offering a spectacular panorama. The participants celebrate the Grand Final at Lake Garda in Italy, where they can party into the night with their new friends. The Torpedo Run gives you a long weekend of sheer fun. The best is just good enough for the participants of the Torpedo Run!

New challenges and exclusive events are going to await you at all times. There are some places left to enter the Torpedo Run. If you’re up for participating in the Torpedo Run, now is the time to enter the event:

Cars who join the Torpedo Run are not classified. Whether you are driving a brand-new Porsche or Ferrari, a cool Mini S or a classic Jaguar – your passion for the Torpedo Run is what counts!

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