Kimble in Gumball 2004

Roadrally legend Kimble responded to an article in the NY times blog about the events on this years Gumball 3000. Kimble retired from the scene last year after 10 years of roadrallying and streetracing. Here is his responds to the recent events:

The Gumball was one of the best, mind blowing, adrenaline rushing, extreme and unforgettable experiences I ever had.

I finished the Gumball in first place 2001 and 2004. Max Cooper always knew that I am going full steam and he never had a problem with that. In the public he says “Its not a race, its a rally


  1. Not only Ultimate Rally. What with the KIMBLE website?

    Still live in Hong Kong? What car do you drive these days? And your Hong Kong friend’s, still have the Gembella GT Porsche?

  2. No country wanted to legalize an illegal rally where the first place holder gets 1 million. there would be deaths immideately.

  3. Sadly there is a distinct gap between the size of someone’s wallet and their driving skills – maybe that’s something Max should be thinking about for future events.

    Shame to see big K putting his feet up but after so many times on Gumball but I guess doing many more might be pushing his luck. There are, after all, inherent dangers in this event over and over again.


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