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We just found this article, about the Top Run in the Croatian internet news portal Javno:

Top Run Rally Secretly Goes Through Zagreb
20 cars that participate in the Top Run arrived to Zagreb last night. Only our camera managed to catch them.

Last night, the 20 cars that participate the Top Run arrived to Zagreb. Their arrival to Croatia, as well as most of the event itself, were kept secret so that the participants would have as few problems with the police as possible. Nonetheless, they gladly posed for the camera for, they allowed us to take pictures of their cars, and briefly told us what their impressions were. …

The Top Run official website opened on the very day Top Run started. It stated that the start line was in Hamburg, where a significant number of enthusiasts gathered and were left disappointed. As we already said, in order to avoid trouble with the police, the start line was in Berlin and all the details of the event had not been revealed.

After the start in Berlin, the drivers headed toward Prague and Budapest and then to Zagreb. Even though they only arrived last night and stayed at The Regent hotel, early this morning they sat behind the wheels of their pets and continued the Top Run in the direction of Dubrovnik, where a ferry awaited to take them to Italy. The finish line is in Monaco, where the participants, organizers and friends will have a big party.

more pics at the end…

The purpose is primarily to have fun, a good time, and enjoy driving through several European states. There is no winner or prize. What the participants of the rally will take home with them are nice memories, experience, and great tales that will keep on being told for a long time to come.

The Swiss Andrew and Norwegian Henning are taking part in the race in their Mercedes S55 AMG Compressor that has an impressive 500 hp. They only bought the car for Top Run. This is the first time that Andrew has participated is this kind of event, while Henning was already in Gumball 3000 and Carbon Black and revealed to us that, even if one had to pay tens of thousands pounds to participate in the Gumball Rally, the enjoyment of driving and the Top Run was almost equal and perhaps even better.

Croatia is beautiful, we are thrilled with Zagreb and we will certainly come back, as participants or in a private arrangement, said Andrew. He also added that Croatian women were gorgeous and other Top Run participants agreed with him. Apart from the girls, the guys are also enjoying the good parties and top notch hotels, which are also part of the event. Everything must be on high level and money was not saved on anything.

The organizer Niki, who asked that we do not mention his and other participants’ last names, said that it took about half a year to organize the Top Run. He, too, was an organizer and took part in the Gumball 3000 and, as a true motorsports enthusiast, he decided to also take on the organization of Top Run.

So far, none of the drivers had any problems with the police. They are trying to obey traffic rules as much as possible even though they let off steam on some portions of the route and hit the gas pedal to feel the power of their pets on four wheels. For instance, as they were crossing the border between Hungary and Croatia, the Hungarian border police officers were watching the automobiles with excitement and, after checking the passports, they asked them to hit the gas so that they could see and hear the cars’ performance better.

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