Gumball 2007 teams

With just over 3 weeks to go for the the flag to drop at Pall Mall it’s time to announce some of this years teams! Keep an eye on this site the next couple weeks for more teams and Gumball 2007 news!

Team Polizei – BMW M5

Team Polizei M5 on the way to the UK

Alex Roy is back with his M5. A couple days ago the car was delivered to the shipping company in New York for the shipping journey to the UK. Last year Team Polizei used Micheal Ross’s Bentley Continental GT due to technical problems with the M5. But a year later Team Polizei’s trusted BMW M5 is in perfect condition for another Gumball 3000 episode! Wonder what gadgets they have in their car this time, log onto our Gumball 2007 forum and speculate about the Team Polizei gadgets!

Team Fuel Mansory Bentley Continental GT

Team Fuel Mansory GT

Richie Warren and his Team FUEL are back for their 5th Gumball 3000. After driving the ‘flaming’ BMW 850i in 2001 and 2004, the 1970’s Dodge Challenger in 2005 and the Nissan 180sx in 2006, Richie got his hands on an amazing Mansory Bentley Continental GT in full FUEL livery. Dan Joyce is most likely Richie’s co-pilot again.

Team 20 – Turkish Taxi

Turkish Taxi Gumball 2007

Very little is known about this team, but we’ve heard they spend over 20.000 pounds to make the taxi Gumball worthy!

Porsche 997 Turbo Speedart

Gumball 3000 veteran Uno Gomes will be back at the startline in 2007. After succesful winning the Ferrari vs Lamborghini bet last year he exchanged his Ferrari F430 for a brand new Porsche 997 Turbo. Tuned by speedart this promises to be one of the faster cars on the grid!

Team Carbonyte – Stretched Ferrari 360 Modena

Stretched Ferrari 360 Modena

Although their car is still work in progress, the pictures already show their target very clear: build the most crazy and fastest limousine you’ve ever seen! Team Carbonyte decided to cut a perfect Ferrari 360 Modena into two pieces and add a couple meters between the two parts. Maybe they were inspired by one of the last episodes of Top Gear?!

Video of the cutting process, make sure you take your heartpills before watching!

Mansory Conquistador Rolls Royce Phantom

Mansory Phantom

The new Mansory tuned Rolls Royce Phantom will be driven by Mr Mansory himself: company founder Kourosh Mansory. After the Mansory modifications the Phantom has over 490 bhp and a massive 780 nm of torque. This true elephant on wheels has a topspeed of 270 km/h!

Other Confirmed Gumball 2007 Teams:

A dutch team confirmed they will be doing this years Gumball 3000 in a Volkswagen Golf R32 in Herbie livery. We can also confirm a brand new McLaren SLR 722 and a silver Ferrari 360 Modena to be on this years grid. Pictures coming soon!

Are you doing this years Gumball 3000 or do you know someone who does?! Please contact us!

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