Bullrun 2006 Team Darkcyd

About the first day:

Ok-Need to make this a quick write up because a lot going on. Now 11:15 and on the way to century club in toronto. We launched from 10AM at times square and it was a zoo. film crews people everywhere-maybe a couple thousand and it really was an event. Was pissing ran right after we left and were making a run to Pocono raceway where the Nascar race is Tommorow. We made it in top 15 in the Lotus out of 110 cars and our chase vehicle actually made it 3rd. we did a parade lap at the raceway in front of all the Nascar fans, it it was pretty neat runnin on the track. We then had to run to Toronto and lots of cops eveywhere. We escaped without a hassle to to scanners and having the Chase vehicle go out ahead. Had to drop Bulent off before the border because he could not go into Canada for immigration reasons, and we stopped at Niagra falls for about 20 minutes. Made it to the toronto Hilton 21st and the Chase vehicle made it 3rd. Way to go Jason and Aaron! Most cars even now have not arrived at 11:15 and there is a big party a the century club.

We have not had time to do anything except quick dinner,had our friend Andrew from toronto meet us here and off to club, then prepare for the morning. Need to be up at 6am and probably will launch about 8am in case anyone wants to see the spectacle. We drop back in states in Detroit then head for Chicago. this is still secret but we have good recon team.

Will give more detail when I have time.



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