Penny P

Even before the anticipated action starts, the challenges have already begun. Pre-rally update just in from our man on the ‘Run, Vanimal:

“Well things are progressing along slowly. Not only did my spare set of keys mysteriously not make the flight with me, but I grabbed the wrong set of sponsor’s stickers too. Now I’m eagerly awaiting some overnight deliveries a la Fedex. On top of that, apparently my transport truck broke down just outside of Salt Lake City, so the car’s being driven balls out all the way to make it to New York on time. So far no sign of my car yet though. Fingers are crossed.

The morning’s been filled with meeting fellow Bullrunners as they wander in and out. Everyone’s got their own peanut theories on where the rally’s going, we’ll see who turns out to be correct. I hear Toronto is in for sure now, but no Bullrun rumor can be believed, ever.

My car is not the only casualty so far. Here’s the the Supercharged and NOS Taxi from the Jimmy Fallon/Queen Latifah movie, sans front bumper. It seems New York City driving just ain’t easy no matter how much you look like the natives.

Pre-pre party tonight here at the Hotel. I gander Herr Roy is hosting a party tonight as well.

The cars will start getting stickers tonight and tomorrow, so expect some cool cars in full Bullrun garb soon!

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