Cannonball Run Europe

On the last day the participants drove from Lyon, France to Brussels, Belgium.
Lights flashing and horns sounding, the Cannonball cars roared into Brussels at the end of a six day adventure covering six countries (seven if you count dinner in San Marino on Tuesday!), 3000 miles, many parties, and endless fun.

Belgian police were kind enough to welcome many of us personally just on the outskirts of Brussels, but the 450 mile journey went well for everyone.

Stuart Heade and Josie Thompson in the Porsche 997 are this year’s Cannonball Champions, getting round the complete course at an average speed of 60.98 mph, a mere 0.02 mph from the target mph of 61! We congratulate them, and invite them to defend the title in next year’s run, which will start on July 1, 2007. Start your engines!

Enjoy this great video of the GTspirit member Cole!

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  1. Hello all,

    Lucky P from the Ultima GTR here. Thanks for al your kind words and excellent AV on the Cannonball event. Lou and I thoroughly enjoyed the event and it makes it all the better seeing what you guys have captured on film! After all, I only finished building the car 2 weeks ago and I’ve never seen it being driven!!


    Lucky P


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