With days to go before the start of the Bullrun, things are already hotting up in Manhattan. Cars have been arriving over the past couple of days, with eager riders taking time to soak up the thrills and spills of the Big Apple before embarking on one of the biggest events in the street-rally calendar.

Eager beavers, Los Matadors, have already acquainted themselves with the local liquor fineries and bagged themselves a Pre-BR Gallardo warm up with the Poker Run. Unfortunately, they lucked out on their poker hand…. but then again, there’s always the rally to get lucky on…

Team Riecke, the new social butterflies on downtown’s block, didn’t hang about and threw a party last Saturday night to firmly establish themselves as competition with staying power for other hard-partying Bullrunners. One to watch both on and off the beaten track…

Ashley Van Dyke, one half of Team AMG Dolls, is due to arrive in NY on Wednesday leaving her just enough time to kick back before getting to grips with the Merc with her equally glamorous team-mate. Sure to be a hit with the boys, these Dolls are going to give the Guys a run for their money.

This year’s field is looking fierce: Dennis Rodman is back, presumably to try and whoop Hayden Christensen’s butt again on a flat race; Marek and Richard, last year’s winners, return with their delicious Aston Martin Vanquish S; the effervescent Cuban Brothers are on board to deliver their usual Latino style of chaos; the always shy and retiring Richard Rawlings back to don his crown as the loudest Bullrunner ever; Team CEC, rumoured to be driving a filthy gorgeous Brabus; event virgins L4Y UK and the amusingly named Team Massive Plums, looking to pop their Bullrun cherries in style; the two Corey blokes from The Lost Boys; the seasoned Satherswath (aka Vanimal) clan in their souped up Subaru; and the incredible Flying Stove to name but a few….

Asides from the partying, there’s some serious graft going on behind the scenes. The last minute testing and tweaking to the beasts to try and ensure that every last bit of horsepower is dragged whinnying out of the engine bay will continue right up until the flag is waved in Times Square at 8am local time on Saturday. Of course, they’ll have to stop working for a Friday night of decadence and debauchery, though…. it’d be rude not to…..

Stay with GT Spirit for more updates over the coming days!

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