08.05.06 09:58
Its all over :ยด(
Rally is over… finally made it to the finish line but… It feels sad :( all you great fellows we met, all those great things happened to us within last few weeks… All in the history books now…

Guys you know who you are ! We have tons of business cards… To make sure we keep in contact please send your details to some of our emails.

Tangospeed.com is NOT signing out yet, will be at LA for a week, having fun… We will have a party at tuesday here… If you like to come to our party MAIL US !! if you know us you can get in ! All the fellow gumballers are warmly welcome, email us for details !

Thank you all for the Gumball 2006 ! it was SO much fun !

08.05.06 09:42
In the grotto…. ;-)
Hece is in the grotto at the moment … ;-)


08.05.06 08:06
Playboy party!!
It’s here, it’s now!

Party at the Playboy Mansion with the bunnies has just started.

Man… what a trip… what a place… what a…… ;-)


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