Sunday, 7 May 2006
16:51:48 / 4:51:48 p.m.

As stated in the last update, many of the cars yesterday from Salt Lake City ditched the checkpoints in order to get a jump start on the leg to Vegas. Most cars took the I-15 route south while others took the more direct I-93 route south. I-93 was discovered to be a death trip with the road being plastered with state troopers just waiting for Gumballers. It seems as though the State Police now keep tabs on the Gumball more then some fans do.

I-15 though seemed to be just as bad once the state troopers realized there were two roads that the Gumballers were using. Team Polizei though had their secret weapon in use. Its codename: Birdman. No, not Tony Hawk. Birdman was the secret codename for the spotter helicopter that was following Team Polizei from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas. Its purpose was to mostly capture the rally on film, but it was also used for rally support and trooper detection. Birdman proved to be helpful since Team Polizei didn’t get a single ticket. Notice how I said ticket and not pulled over?

Ten miles east of Las Vegas, it happened. Team Polizei was pulled over by an undercover cop who was hiding on an on-ramp. Only doing about 85mph, Team Polizei was a bit confused. What made it even more confusing was that the undercover cop was driving a Kia. The cop started questioning Alex and Ross, and then the line which will always be remembered finally came out: “You are Alex Roy, aren’t you?

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  1. just a quick note to say that alex and team polizei are the ultimate gumballers, lookin forward to seeing the highlights of this years rally on tv, and hopefully showing plenty of car 144



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