Saturday, 6 May 2006
17:17:48 / 5:17:48 p.m.

Things got off to a fast start in Salt Lake City at the beginning of the last stage of the 2006 Gumball3000. It seems as though a majority of teams figured they’d just leave early from Salt Lake City, not even waiting to receive the route cards. Only a few teams stayed behind in Salt Lake City to follow the Miller Pace car to the track. Just some of the teams that didn’t give into temptation to leave early:

Team Polizei
Tom Woods in the Camo Gallardo
The Black Murcielago
Team Tork
Team NSX
Team – MTM RS6
Car #18 – Ferrari F50
Car #89 – Ferrari F40
Car #118
Car #55
Car # 33
Car #35
Car #47
Car #18
Car #19

The plan for the morning was to following the Miller Raceway pace car for a parade through Salt Lake City all the way to the raceway. This didn’t go as planned as mostly every team jumped on the opportunity to try to win the short stage to the checkpoint. Team #88 in the Noble M12 nearly caused an accident as all the cars were trying to leave. Even though it is disappointing to see some of the teams disregarding the route cards, it sure can be said that everyone is having a great time in Utah today. After a short time at the race track, the cars are off to the Bonneville Salt Flats.

In other news – Ed Leigh once again vandalized the Team Polizei Bentley GT. In a truly pathetic scheme, Ed tried to put smoke bombs within the car while spraying the outside of the Bentley with hair spray.

One last thing – Team Polizei’s secret weapon is soon to be deployed. Here’s a hint: Look in the sky.

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