Team 48, 82 and 90 have been pulled over in Germany this morning. Team Torquensteins Ford GT, The Ferrari 612 and Ferrari 360 Stradale were stored on the parking space near the police station.

The police asked the gumballers “when does the race end” “when did the race start”, “where is the next checkpoint for the race” “what time do you have to be there?” And many questions like that. The Ferrari guys gave them their answer… But had to remain while team Torquenstein only got a ticket and were allowed to go because they stated it was NOT a race.

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  1. I just saw one car with many Gumball 3000 stickers on it being town away. I live in Germany/Duesseldorf.
    I didn’t think they were going through this city here. Hm, the car was red, maybe a Corvette or something. Is someone missing a car? ;)


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