News from Gumball Headquarters to all Gumballers:

Dear Gumballers,

We hope that all your preparations for the rally are going well. It is full speed ahead here at Gumball HQ as you can probably imagine…! There are still a few points (mostly boring) that need to be addressed before you guys turn up for registration at the Trafalgar Hotel this coming Saturday so please read carefully as it is all really important! Those of you participating in only the European or US leg can safely ignore most points.


Registration is at the Grand America in SLC from 14:00 – 17:00 on 5th May. Your car will be branded in the Gumball livery at the hotel


Registration is from 11:00 – 18:00. Park you car in the NCP carpark behind the hotel on levels 4 & 5.
Passport (must be scannable type).
Original copy of car Registration / Title Document.
If the car does not belong to you…. original signed letter from the owner granting permission to use the car for the Gumball.
Original Copy of the EPADOT form you filled in.
Original copy of Thai Customs Form you filled in.
Original copy of indemnity (Air Transport Rules.. I won’t carry drugs, nitrous etc.)
If non- EU registered car, original copy of C110+c21 form.
Letter of approval from the EPA.
Spare Car Keys.


Bad news I’m afraid. We have been working on car insurance for the US leg frantically for the last 6 months and although we have nearly had it so many times, no underwriter wants to commit to a group booking for an event such as this. We still have a team working on this full time in the states and there are still some promising leads but at this late stage we cannot rely on them. We therefore have to ask all of you to find your own insurance for the US part of the rally in the way that it was done in previous rallies (2002 and 2003). Those of you from the US will have to drive on your existing policy.
We must stress that at NO point when asking for a quote should you mention that you are participating in the Gumball otherwise they will not touch you, and to reiterate you are only after “normal” car insurance – not rally insurance, the Gumball drives on public roads and abides by all regular road regulations. Not an ideal situation, but hey, who said Gumball was easy?


Tomorrow (Monday 24th at noon) is the final cut off for the insurance. If you have not paid for it or taken it out, this is your last chance! Without this Gumball will not allow you to participate on these legs.


If you would like to take out “total loss” insurance for your car on the Antanov (if the plane goes down!), you can do this by emailing [email protected]. The cost is £500.
There is no insurance for any damage to your car that could result from a mishap loading or unloading the aircraft which brings me on to our…


There is not sufficient time in the schedule this year for you to load and unload your own cars on and off the Antanovs. They take time to load and are slower than the 757 you will be travelling on. Experienced Gumball crew will be doing this. If your car has any unusual characteristics (ie. buttons for reverse or hidden switches etc.) please inform Monty who is Head of the Trafalgar Car Park and Antanovs when you arrive at the hotel on Saturday.


No Alcohol, Drugs, Spare Fuel, Nitrous Oxide, Knives, Weapons, Guns, More than 1/4 tank of fuel (something to bear in mind on the way to Belgrade and Bangkok), Aerosols or Flares.


Those of you that have had to get a visa for the US, please send an email scan to my email now. Iceland Air require this information immediately.


If any of you have not written your letter asking for a Nonresident Temporary Importation Approval Letter from the EPA, now is your last chance. Approval can take more than two weeks. Without this letter of approval your car will be left in Bangkok. NB.This is Step 4 of the documentation instructions.


All parties are 2006 Gumballers only. We regret to say that Wives, Girlfriends and Friends will not get in.


Remember you are only going to be allowed 15kg of baggage on the passenger planes, the rest you must leave in your car.
You will need a tux/black tie in SLC and for the Playboy Mansion.
Those of you wanting to send baggage ahead try:
First Luggage
Pink Express – VERY competitive prices
and UPS for local USA delivery.

Good luck with the insurance….. see you in 6 Days!!

Best Regards,

Nick Wyllys

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