Gumball 2006

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Dear Gumballers,

After much deliberation, rolls of red tape, recees, meetings with Governments and world leaders, the UN, mayors and the military we can now confirm the definitive route of the 2006 World Rally.
Setting the benchmark for all modern day explorers, the start flag will drop in Central London on Sunday 30th April, when 100 of the most amazing cars, stars and eccentrics will set off on stage one driving a 1000 mile route through Europe, crossing the capital cities of Brussels, Vienna, Budapest, and upon reaching ‘war torn’ Belgrade, all cars and drivers will be airlifted in Russian Antanov cargo planes and an Icelandic Air Boeing 757 to Asia for stage 2.
After landing on the idyllic tropical Island of Langkawi off the coast of Malaysia, the route follows a 1000 mile drive through the beaches and tropical rainforests of Thailand to reach Bangkok for another huge party. The following day the grid will again be airlifted to Salt Lake City, USA, for the final 1000-mile stage through the desert. The route will travel via the Bonneville Salt Flats to Las Vegas and then onwards to cross the finish line on the famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on Sunday 7th May, ready to party the night away with Hugh Hefner and his Playmates at the famous Playboy Mansion!

Visa Requirements are the responsibility of the entrant. It is advised that each Gumballer checks from the list below and investigates with their respective passport agency whether their passport type has specific VISA requirements. Below is a list of countries along the 2006 Gumball route:

Malaysia (
Thailand (

Time to get your tape measures out! For the cargo planes we need to know the ground clearance at the very front of your car by Wednesday next week (ie. the height of the lowest part of your front bumper). The reason for this is that it affects where your will be loaded within the aircraft. Additionally, if your car has been modified, ie. it has flared wheel arches, wider wing mirrors etc, please let us know as this may have an effect as well.

If you have not already done so, please send in a scan of your passport to [email protected] immediately.

Some of you have enquired into the possibility of obtaining 1st class seats for the two passenger flights. Unfortunately our 757 does not have any first class seats but it does have 12 business class. We will be allocating these to you guys by drawing straws.
We are looking into the costs of private jet charters at the moment. It will be expensive but if any of you are seriously interested in this option please let us know as the take up will of course affect the price.

Everything is still on track. Still finalising the finer details.

We have limited tickets for the Gumball 3000 Playboy Mansion Party on May the 7th. These will cost $400 each (includes food and drinks all night). No more than two extra tickets per car will be allocated to start with to give everyone participating a fighting chance of getting their mates along.

Time is now running out especially if you are thinking of transporting your car from the states to the start in London. Please contact Transcar for a quote (shipping brochure attached).

If you or your co-driver has changed or has not given us their details please let us know as soon as possible. It is imperative with this world route that we have up to date information from this point on.

Best Regards,

Nick Wyllys

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  1. For those of us who would like to watch the cars along the route in the US – what roads will you be taking from Salt Lake to Vegas? It sounds like you will not be going along I-15.

    Also, are the 6th and 7th still the dates for the US leg?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Sorry for the late responds, the 6th and 7th will indeed be the dates for the US leg.

    No idea on which route they will take in Malaysia and Thailand but they will finish in Bangkok.

    The route through Germany is free for every Gumballer to decide but they will head from Belgium to Austria so check the routes from Belgium to the Austrian borders.

  3. Hii what time does it start on the 30Th april coz i wanna come to london to see the start… and the cars.. is it better if i get there on 29 or better on 30th april… please advise

  4. We would advice you to come on saturday the 29th since some of the cars will most likely be on display during that day and sunday morning aswell.

  5. Where’s the start location in London & what time? I have regent street on the 30th no time though? I’m coming down from Liverpool to see the start. Also wher will the cars be displayed in the morning? Haymarket? PLease advise so I don’t waste a trip down.

  6. i’ll be in london on 30th . but i don’t know where exactly.we start from PARIS at 6 in the morning. see you soon everybody


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