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Koenigsegg CCXR and Lamborghini Murcielago

Supercar Drive in North-Eastern Germany

GTspirit was lucky to take part in a sports car meeting in October 2012 with numerous car enthusiasts held in north-eastern Germany. The event...
House Supercar Gather

Gallery: Exotic Supercar Gather in Southern California

Exotic supercar gather is an understatement for this private event in Southern California. The word 'Uber' comes into mind when you even take a...
Awesome Office-K Supercar Meeting in Tokyo

Awesome Office-K Supercar Meeting in Tokyo!

If there's two things that Office-K are known for it's tuned supercars and awesome car meets! The follow up to their Rolls-Royce gathering came...
Chelsea Auto Legends 2012

Chelsea Auto Legends 2012

Last Sunday saw the third edition of the Chelsea Auto Legends, held at Ranelagh Gardens, London. Chelsea Auto Legends started in 2010 and showcases...
London Motor Museum Supercar Paddock

London Motor Museum: Supercar Paddock

The other weekend London Motor Museum invited us down to see their first event of the summer, eight of the fastest cars in the...

Motori & Sapori Supercar Meeting near Modena

Motori & Sapori is an annual supercar meeting that takes place around the middle of March each year in the commune of Castelfranco Emilia...

Monza Speed-Day Event

We all know that the winter period means a quite period for automotive enthusiasts, but it never is completely quiet. There are still a...

Supercar Monday on Most Circuit

Some of us maybe familiar with events called "Supercar Sunday" but in the Czech Republic they held a "Supercar Monday" on the Most circuit....

Supercar-meeting at the Masaryk Circuit in Brno

Last saturday was a special day in the Czech Republic. There was a supercar meeting at the refreshed Masaryk Circuit in Brno. This...