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Video: GoldRush Rally 4 First Official Trailer

This is the first official trailer of the GoldRush Rally 4. The video was released yesterday ahead of the official video showing all the...

GoldRush Rally 4 Pre-Rally Setup and Registration

The first set of official GoldRush Rally 4 pictures hit our mailbox this morning, allowing us to share with you a unique perspective from...
GoldRush 4 - Rise Against The Sun

GoldRush 4 – Start Grid

In just two days the Gumball 3000 Rally starts in New York, but another rally also running in the USA and organized by our...

Taylor Lynn Foundation wrapped McLaren MP4-12C for GoldRush 4!

The countdown to GoldRush 4 has officially began. With just 31 days to go we already have pictures showing one of the first vehicles...

GoldRush 4: Rise Against The Sun

Last week we reported that the organisers of the GoldRush Rally were going to announce the route of the fourth edition of the new...

GR4 Dates & Route to be Announced December 19th

After the success of the first, second and third edition it isn’t a big surprise that the organisers of the GoldRush Rally are preparing...