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Burnouts Backwards and Slowed Down Are Awesome

The burnout is a right of passage for car enthusiasts the world over. There is just something beautiful about obscuring your vision to the...
Killa B Chevrolet Camaro Intense Burnout Session

Video: Killa-B Camaro Intense Burnout Session

The Killa-B Chevrolet Camaro we showed you a while ago has revealed some track action in a recent video, no, not racing but burning...
Video Australians create World's Largest Simultaneous Burnout

Video: Australians Create World’s Largest Simultaneous Burnout

People will always find something to create a world record from at all costs. A group of Australian car fanatics decided to do that...

Video: GT Polonia 2012 Burnouts, Drifts and Donuts

One of the biggest gatherings on Gran Turismo Events calender is GT Polonia. GT Polonia runs from the 1st July through to 5th July...

Video: Hennessey’s CTS-V Sport Wagon Doing Burnouts

US tuner Hennessey Performance has released a new clip showing the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon with the Hennessey V650 upgrade doing some burnouts...