Killa B Chevrolet Camaro Intense Burnout Session

The Killa-B Chevrolet Camaro we showed you a while ago has revealed some track action in a recent video, no, not racing but burning rubber! The heavily tuned Camaro was spotted on a drag strip doing burnouts full throttle, while you are able to see most cars that do perfect burnouts, in this video, the burnouts are so intense one does not see the car at some point, only smoke. One could only wonder how much control is needed to ensure all that power doesn’t swing the car away.

The Killa-B Camaro is fitted with a Merlin III 632ci block; custom cast alloy inlet manifold with a Littlefield supercharger (16-7-1). There is JBR carbon fiber injector hat, Pro-Filer cylinder heads, custom roller camshaft and Crower Hippo lifters. It also has JE pistons, Peterson 5 Stage oil pump, a custom D&D triple flow alloy radiator and a four-into-one (2.5-inch primaries) exhaust not to mention the MSD Pro Mag 12 ignition.

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