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Gallery: VMax Hammer 2011

Yesterday we gave you a set of videos from the VMax Hammer event, today we've got the pictures for you! GFWilliams shot a set...

Videos: VMax Hammer 2011

VMax Hammer 2011 took place over the past weekend at Bruntingthorpe in England. The aim of the event is to see how fast you...

Video: Lexus LFA Races on Track with IS-F at Bruntingthorpe

Lexus UK has released a new video showing the LFA and IS-F at Vmax Overboost. The Japanese car maker took UK's first full-production LFA...

Photo Of The Day: Lexus LFA and IS-F at Bruntingthorpe

Lexus takes to the track as the UK's first full-production LFA supercar lines up with the IS-F saloon at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground. Both...

Vmax Overboost

Vmax Overboost is, as the name might give away, an event where owners of sports- and supercars can try to reach the vmax of...