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Stéphane Dufour: Turning Racing Legends Into Art

The story behind how these beautiful sculptures came to be, by the words of the man whose hands have made them be. We thank...

Porsche Museum Opens Art Exhibition

BMW has its Art Car Project, Mercedes-Benz has its sculptures and now Porsche presents their take on art. A new exhibition named the Colección...

A.R.T. G Streetline

A.R.T. Tuning's latest offering, presented at the 2009 Dubai Motor Show, is the G Streetline. Based on a G 55 AMG, the G Streetline...

Pop Art Bentley Continental GT

We've seen several designer cars over the years, some of the have worked better than others. Brazilian artist Romero Britto has decided to create...

Mercedes S Class by ART

Mercedes is a popular car to take into a tuning shop, but that is a little bit different for the S-class. Probably because this...