Overview of the latest new car renderings made by talented designers and manufacturers worldwide. Renderings are often speculative and made based on snippets of information released by car manufacturers. GTspirit works with various designers that create renders in house but we also present official renders from tuners and manufacturers. If you have an idea for a new render, please contact us.

Rendering: ISO Rivolta Marella

As a joint collaboration between coachbuilder, Zagato, and student, Fedor Stetskevich, we think this design study is actually quite good! As you've probably guessed,...

BMW M Concept By Idries Noah

Having grown tired of waiting for an R8 rival from BMW, Idries Noah decided to show us what he thinks such a car would...

Rendered Speculation: Mach 1 Mustang

One of the most iconic and popular variants of the Ford Mustang has to be the Mach 1 Mustang. First built in 1969 and...

Rumours: 2011 Ferrari Enzo II

This week our collegues from Leftlanenews came up with this nice rendering on a second generation Ferrari Enzo or a successor for the triology...

Rumours: Audi R4 Roadster

There doesn't seem to be much of crisis atmosphere in Ingolstadt, homebase of Audi. After they've officialy presented the Audi TT RS in...