This week our collegues from Leftlanenews came up with this nice rendering on a second generation Ferrari Enzo or a successor for the triology Ferrari F40, F50 and Enzo. The Enzo II will again be the flag-ship for Ferrari and will therefore carry the name of the supercar brand’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. We believe we can expect a +700bhp strong V8 mid-mounted engine. A V12 from Ferrari’s sister, Maserati, seems to be excluded because of the most recent European Union standards.

That’s also why the new engine will be twin-turbocharged to make the displacement as close as possible as a 6 liter V8 engine. We definately hope this story get’s followed up soon!

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  1. Why would they use a V12 from Maserati when all Maserati’s engine are made in Maranello ? Anyway I hope that’s not the end of the V12s.

  2. it looks like the first but with a couple changes that are notiseable but you should put double headers in it to make it go faster even quicker sence its known for speed this cars the best


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