Overkill is where tuning or car modifications have gone over the top. The question is: do you agree? Below you will find a huge range of supercar and tuning modifications gone wrong. Supercar replicas also contribute largely to this category.

Overkill: Burberry Maserati Quattroporte

Abu Dhabi is home to some of the worlds most exotic supercars.That owning a high-end automobile alone is not enough to stand out of...

Overkill: FAB Design McLaren SLR

FAB Design have been receiving a lot of coverage recently, whether that's good or bad is largely up to your taste in luxury car...

Overkill: Chrysler 300C Convertible

Following our post on the Hummer Convertible last week, we bring you the 300C Convertible! A large amount of work has been carried out...

Overkill: Hummer H2 Convertible

That money can't buy taste shows this Hummer H2 Convertible parked at the marble tiles of the uber-luxury Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi....

Overkill: FAB Design Maybach in Monaco

Swiss company FAB Design's website may not have been updated in over a year, however there definately still in the business of making some...