FAB Design have been receiving a lot of coverage recently, whether that’s good or bad is largely up to your taste in luxury car tuning. We have another ‘spotting’ to bring you today, in our opinion it’s twice as ugly as the Maybach spotted in Monte Carlo a while back… but nowhere near as ugly as this. It’s an SLR thats been modified by the swiss company, they’ve applied a brand new bodykit and an insane new spoiler. Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

[Via Autoblog.nl]

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  1. I spoke to the company today and apparently the pictures were taken after an aerodynamics test, presumably in a wind tunnel. It’s 50/50 whether the wing will stay by the sounds of it… Also there looks to be 4(!) exhausts on each side!!

    It’ll be at Geneva where we’ll get some details and hopefully some high res images!!


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