Abu Dhabi is home to some of the worlds most exotic supercars.That owning a high-end automobile alone is not enough to stand out of the crowd in the streets of Abu Dhabi proves the regular sighting of tuned and modified (super)cars as this Hummer H2 Convertible. This time it’s not the tuning of this Maserati Quattroporte that turns heads where ever it goes, it’s the unique and over-the-top Burberry livery.

In the roadrally world wrapped cars has been a common sight for a couple years now. But in everyday traffic it’s still a rare sight. Here are a couple other exceptional supercar wraps I’ve encountered over the years:

Louis Vuitton Audi S4:

Dollar eating Spider wrapped Ferrari F430:

McLaren SLR in Top Gun livery:

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  1. Yo :D

    … don’t wanna sound like too much of a geek but that SLR is wrapped in the RAF’s Red Arrows livery , the Top Gun livery was also seen on SLR’s , but mainly during the Gumball rallies , but they were silver with USAF logos etc


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