28 students at the IED Design school in Turin presented their own take on the Alpine A4810. The A4810 is a hydrogen powered two-seater supercar that embraces next generation technologies and a technologically advanced model which is environment friendly.

The A4810 measures 5091 mm in length, 2010 mm in width, 1055 mm in height and a 2717 mm wheelbase. The engine and fuel tanks are built similar to the typical hypercar whereas the design of the vehicle consists of aerodynamic features inspired by Formula 1 models.

Using digital tools, the team of students designed the interior through sketches, 3D models, rendering, animations and HMI (Human Machine Interface) development. By using hydrogen as the power supply, it means that the student successfully developed a full-fledged concept without emissions which will soon be ready to be tested on the road.

In addition, the French spirit of the vehicle has been preserved and the bi-tone colors, matte black and carbon fibre highlights create a bold contrast and stand out according to their aerodynamic and mechanical function.

The A4810 came about when Alpine challenged the IED students to design a ‘super berlinette’ for 2035 last Autumn, the students worked individually to come up with their own interpretation to present to the company and Alpine selected two of the main ideas which later led to the A4810 model.

The students named the vehicle A4810 to convey the brand’s legacy; ‘4810’ is the height of the Mont Blanc in meters and Alpine the brand is named after the same mountains.

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