Swiss based WayRay officially unveiled the world’s first Metaverse car.

The Wayray Holograktor car is the first vehicle designed around True AR technology and new ride-hailing business model. The connection between the virtual and real world will offer greater safety, comfort, services and entertainment.

The new three-seat Holograktor can be driven conventionally or by remote control via a 5G and satellite internet connection. WayRay is currently the only company capable of designing and manufacturing complex Deep Reality Display technology and rendering AR content in real time using True AR Rendering Engine software.

Backed by Porsche, Hyundai and Alibaba, WayRay is using the Holograktor to emerge from its ‘Deep Tech’ automotive supplier status into the world of new mobility models. The entire vehicle was designed to showcase the True AR holographic technology from WayRay.

The interior of the Holograktor has been designed around a 2+1 seating arrangement, the front seats are wide apart to provide all 3 occupants with a clear view of the holographic display and the single rear seat ‘throne’ was inspired by the data showing Uber trips were for one person only.

Additionally, when the car is in remote mode, the disengaged steering wheel is easily fitted into a groove on the dashboard. The exterior of the new Holograktor features triangular shapes and solid stance as nods to the Russian backgrounds, the triangular theme has further been applied on the 22 inch wheels, laser headlights and on the tail lights as well.

Additionally, the front doors of the vehicle open conventionally with a slight upward angle whereas the rear doors feature an integrated B-pillar and open rearwards and upwards.

The boxy shape on the roof of the car has been named ‘The Shrimp’ and it contains a large amount of high-end technology and the ideal focal length of the rear seat passenger.

The new Holograktor was designed by renowned hypercar designer Sasha Selipanov who also worked on the Lamborghini Huracan, the Genesis Essentia, the Bugatti Chiron and the Koenigsegg Gemera.

Sasha Selipanov is also the head of Design at RAW Design House and chief designer on the Holograktor project.

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