Brembo has officially presented the New G Sessanta brake calipers concept set to celebrate its 60th anniversary, the new concept was inspired by the first brake calipers for motorbikes ever produced by the company.

The main concept of the development lies in the revolutionary application of LED technology directly on the body of the caliper. This solution improves the form and function of the calipers and is adaptable to every type and every application of the calipers. With the help of LED technology, the brake calipers will change color depending on the mood (for example when the bike/car is stopped they turn to red) or match the surrounding environment (for example when the bike/car is driving through a green plantation the color changes to green).

The form and functions of the calipers can be both an interface, directly communicating with the user and an aesthetic choice to the user’s taste and preference. The concept has reinterpreted its body with a next generation framework of dynamic solids and voids that are still essential and consistent.

The Brembo New G Sessanta concept has been built and designed to be personalizable through a wireless technology. It is currently being developed for use on bikes but we expect to see it on cars in future.

Brembo G Sessanta

The use of light and color on the new concept enables the data and information of the vehicle to be delivered on the condition of the caliper and the vehicle or emitting light as a courtesy to assist localize a nearby parked vehicle.

The new Brembo brake calipers represent new features and solutions for brake calipers with the vision of becoming a trusted solution provider and setting new standards for future generations.

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