Rolls Royce just released their first ever car to incorporate Koa Wood interior. Koa Wood is a rare species of tree that only grows on Hawaiian soil. The inspiration was from Mr. and Mrs Smith’s love for warmth and character of Koa wood and their family rocking chair.

The Koa tree is grown and protected in Hawaiian state and National parks and can only be harvested from private agricultural land. Mr. and Mrs Smith waited three years as Rolls Royce negotiated for a highly priced log before the project could begin.

The Koa Phantom exterior shines in Deep Blue by day but hidden in the darkness by night. The color was found after testing more than 40 test panels, the driver’s doors features the initials “JBS jr.” while the initials “LAS” are on the passengers door. The exterior hue color matched Mr. Smith’s personal 1934 Packard Twelve Coupe.

Koa Wood Has been used on the Dove Grey leather interior that is also matched to the Packard Twelve Coupe and offset by Navy Blue highlights and piping. On the roof, handcrafted starlight headliner containing 1,420 fibre-optic lights on a navy blue leather portrays the constellation of the night sky above Cleveland, Ohio, on Mr.Smith’s date of birth.

The headrest features Rolls Royce Monogram that is matched to the exterior finish while the rear is decorated with a Champagne fridge, a pair of crystal Champagne flutes and decanter engraved with the client’s initials.

A Koa Wood picnic hamper with Koa Wood saddle leather and stainless steel took more than 20 days to complete and was also part of the car. The Picnic hamper contained stainless cutlery, handmade wine glasses and wedgewood porcelain plated.

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