Swaziland’s King, Mswati III, has been making headlines recently. Famed for his lavish spending, the African monarch is alleged to have purchased a new fleet of Rolls-Royce for the royal household. The fleet is alleged to extend to 15 Rolls-Royce Ghost and 1 Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

Alongside the Rolls-Royce shipments, King Mswati III has also taken delivery of no less than 79 brand new BMWs. The BMW shipment was said to extend to 12 trucks, loaded with the latest BMW X3 and BMW 540i.

Land-locked by South Africa and Mozambique, Swaziland has struggled historically with 39.7% of its 1.2 million population living below the poverty line. The country faces public health problems too, with 26% of the adult population HIV-positive and the 12th-lowest life expectancy in the world, at 58 years.

Of course, these problems are not instantly solved by reallocated the estimated $20 million value of the King’s new fleet. Yet there is no denying that the sheer volume of cars (which are alleged to be used by the King’s multiple wives) is an unnecessary drain on public resources.

It’s not clear whether King Mswati III’s new fleet was ordered direct from BMW and Rolls-Royce or whether it was ordered by an intermediary. When King Jong Un was pictured in a Mercedes-Maybach S600 recently, Mercedes-Benz was forced to confirm that the order had not been made directly with its dealership network.

King Mswati III joins names such as Teodorin Obiang Nguema and the Sultan of Brunei whose habit of spending public money on personal indulgences stands at odds with their countries domestic issues.

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