Porsche have so-far resisted the urge to electrify the Porsche 911. It might still be in the plans for the latest Porsche 992 generation. Regardless, Porsche has been beaten to it by EV West.

The California-based EV specialist revealed a drop-in EV kit for the SEMA 2019 show. The car was built last year but has received more publicity this year, combining classic Porsche colours with a natty Burberry-inspired interior.

EV West supplied an electrification setup which requires no modification to the chassis and even uses the existing engine mounting points.

With a certain amount of irony, the powertrain is lifted from a Tesla. It produces 563 ewhp (electric wheel horsepower), which is comparable to a car making 700hp at the crank. EV West supplied an LG Chem battery rather than the Tesla unit, for reasons of superior power density.

The technology sits on a Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) Porsche 993 body. Naturally, the power necessitated changes to the chassis setup. A fully adjustable setup, derived from the Porsche GT3, was supplied by Elephant Racing.

Purists might call it sacrilege, yet it’s clear that there is a strong market for retro-modernised classics…

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