The IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 is underway. We caught up with the BMW Concept 4 on the show floor. The Concept provides a glympse of what to expect from the upcoming BMW 4 Series sports coupe. Of course, the 4 Series will eventually evolve into the BMW M4, that’s the one that interests us the most!

The BMW Concept 4 gets a shape which re-interprets the design elements of the current 4 Series Coupe. The Hofmeister kink remains a critical element of the side window design. The shape rises higher than in the current 4 Series. The wheel arches appear more swollen too with a smoother design line.

Photos by @davidkaiser_photo

Where it all gets a bit controversial is when we start looking at the front. That kidney grille has grown significantly. It’s massive! There are cut-out sections which break down the sheer size, however, there is no escaping the fact that it is vast!

The headlights are LED and dispense with a glass covering. Instead, they form part of the bodywork. A detailer’s worst nightmare! The rear tailights, also LED, opt for a more conventional look with a sinlge lighting element definiting the shape.

For more from the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, check out our dedicated news feed. For more from the BMW Concept 4, take a look at our earlier article.


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