Ultima has been producing high-quality, Le Mans-inspired kit cars for years! The British firm has quite a reputation for stripped out, barely legal road racers, capable of accepting a wide variety of power units. Their latest model is the Ultima RS which blends jaw-dropping looks with the possibility of ultimate performance!

The Ultima RS is the most thorough and comprehensive revision of the Ultima design. Ultima has reworked the Group C inspired design to incorporate many elements constructed from carbon fibre. The Ultima RS gets a new roof scoop, carbon-fibre side splitters and a sculpted front splitter which both feature integrated vortex generators. The rear gets a full-width carbon fibre rear wing option too. All parts have been tested in MIRA’s wind tunnel. The rest of the bodywork is GRP. Cooling is massively improved by additional air channels in the nose, rear fenders and roof.

In terms of power, the options are plentiful. The chassis has been engineered to fit the entire range of Chevrolet V8 LT euro 6 compliant direct fuel injection engines. This includes options ranging from the 480 bhp LT1, 650 bhp LT4 and 800 bhp supercharged LT5 (which is the engine fitted to the pictured factory demo car). Careful tuning could boost the supercharged LT5 engine to a staggering 1,200 bhp. Ultima says that the chassis will cope with this!

As you would expect, the Ultima RS performance is dependent upon the engine you choose. Ultima quote a 60 mph sprint time of 2.3 seconds for the 800 bhp show car and the possibility of 250 mph performance with some tuning. Ultima even predicts a 3.3 second 60 mph sprint and over 180 mph top speed for the entry level LS3. The power is transferred to the rear wheels through a Porsche six-speed manual gearbox.

The Ultima RS gets a bespoke Ultima designed and branded set of 19” lightweight forged wheels. The package also comes with a set of AP 362mm grooved brake discs and upgraded 6-pot brake callipers. As an option, Ultima can fit a new front ride height hydraulic lift kit system including a brand-new stainless steel exhaust system. New LED taillights are also on offer.

Ultima RS Rear

Inside, the Ultima RS shares many of the comfort features you expect to get from factory-built models. There is an air conditioning system, Alpine in-car entertainment system, Bluetooth, satnav, rear view camera, parking sensors, heated windscreen, pneumatic seat lumbar supports with a range of leather and Alcantara cockpit trim packages.

The Ultima RS will debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 which takes place between 4th and 7th July 2019. As with all Ultima’s, customers will have the option of building the vehicle themselves from Ultima’s specially designed kit or arranging for a bespoke factory build. Ultima ship worldwide in both left and right-hand drive. Currently, the lead time is 22 weeks for a self-assembly comprehensive package with a 2-year wait for the factory to produce a factory built model.

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