Undoubtedly, one of the biggest releases this year will come from Land Rover. The Land Rover Defender has been out of production since early 2016. Its replacement has been a long time coming. While it’s release is expected very soon, that was not soon enough for social media. What looks like a genuine picture of the off-roader’s interior has hit Twitter!

The Land Rover Defender was Land Rover’s rugged off-roader. The new version is expected to improve upon the Defender’s off-road reputation. Despite the fact that it will be a thoroughly modern off-raider, capable of carrying out duties both in the countryside and in the city.

The photos show a modern interior with a wide central display, a digital dashboard, and an automatic gearbox. The Defender branding remains the same, applied to the steering wheel and passenger facia. The photo reveals that the Defender likely features a central seat and hard-wearing interior materials.

The words ‘stop’ and ‘go’ appear to be stamped onto the pedals. It is unclear whether Land Rover will also offer a manual version of the Defender, although we have a suspicion that they will. Land Rover will offer a long-wheelbase five-door and a short-wheelbase three-door of the Defender. Several other body variants will follow.

If the photo raises any doubt that we might not be looking at a genuine production interior, in response to the leak, Land Rover PR all but confirmed that it was. Responding “how about you remove this image that you’ve publicly stated you shouldn’t post. Legal team are on the way.”

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