The legendary design houses are really getting behind EV. With Pininfarina working on their own EV projects, Bertone appears to be making a comeback with its work on an electronic supercar startup. The Dianchè BSS GT Cube carries the Bertone name, however, following the liquidation of the original Bertone company, the tie up is nothing more than a licensing agreement.

Dianchè’s parent company, Flymove, secured a license to use the name from the company who purchased the rights to the Bertone brand, AKKA Technologies. The design can only be said to be inspired by the work of the legendary design house then.

The name BBS refers to Dianchè’s unique selling point, the Battery Swap System. The idea is that instead of waiting for the batteries to charge, you simply swap them out for a fully charged set. Dianchè anticipate that this will take just 3 minutes with a network of battery stations.

For the BBS GT Cube, Dianchè are claiming a 2.2 second 100 km/h sprint time and 217 mph top speed. Power comes from a 300kW motor which generates 600kW (804 bhp) through all four wheels.

Dianchè are also working on the Bertone BSS GT One sports car and City Car BSS Cube. The One will be the first to market, carrying two 150kWh motors and a top speed of 186 mph. Dianchè are currently projecting deliveries of the sports car will begin in 2020 with development throughout this year.

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