Another bespoke supercar has hit the market. The Kode0 was the brainchild of Ken Okuyama, the designer of the Ferrari Enzo. Unveiled at The Quail in 2017, it is believed that this is the only example of the angular, bespoke supercar. It has now been offered for sale via an advert placed on ClassicDriver by dealership TPE Ltd.

The Kode 0 was built upon the platform of a Lamborghini Aventador, it features a design unlike anything else on the market. Taking inspiration from cars like the Lancia Stratos Zero, Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Moduro, it is a modern interpretation of a 1970’s design philosophy.

The Kode 0 uses a low, wedge type, sharp nose with integrated brake cooling ducts. LED headlights are vertically mounted and stacked towards the front windscreen. The basis of the Aventador is clear to see in the shape of the side while the rear is something else entirely. A unique exhaust pipe and diffuser combination are just two of the standout features.

It uses the V12 engine from the Aventador packing a 700 hp punch. It uses the Aventador’s carbon fibre monocoque chassis, tipping the scales at 1,550 kg’s it weighs 25 kg less than the car upon which it is based. Inside, the Lamborghini provinence is clear with very little changed from the standard Aventador.

Kode 0 isn’t the only Ken Okuyama car which TPE Ltd appear to be offering. Within their inventory they have also listed the 2016 Kode 57, another of Ken Okuyama’s bespoke supercars. This speedster is even more bespoke than the Kode0, based upon the Ferrari 599. It gets the Ferrari V12 and a completely unique, concept car syle.

Pricing for both cars is undisclosed.

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