After an extreme modification to your Mercedes-Benz X-Class? Carlex Design have you covered! The Polish company have released a crazy rendering for a custom, 6 wheel, full carbon fibre conversion for the Mercedes-Benz X-Class.

The new project is in the design stages at the moment, we understand though, that Carlex will soon begin a one-off production this beast. They have officially named the project EXY Monster X Concept. It gets completely bespoke body together with extensive mechanical modifications.

The renderings show an X-Class entirely clothed in carbon fibre. All of its panels have been replaced with bespoke carbon fibre. The front bumper is entirely new with larger openings. The bonnet gets a huge power dome and the fenders are extended to accommodate massive off-road tyres.

A third axle has been added which extends the wheelbase to allow for a larger pickup bed. The concept benefits from a roof mounted carbon fibre spoiler which blends into a set of railings running the length of the pickup bed. The rear hatch seems a little impractical though, shaped like an X with see-through gaps.

Full Carbon 6 Wheel Mercedes-Benz X-Class

The pickup bed box is apparently covered with a protective structural paint with contrasting carbon black and yellow colouring. Needless to say, this X-Class sits flush to its new wheels on a significantly wider track. Carlex propose using carbon ceramic brakes and have equipped the X-Class with both a front and rear winch.

Now that the G 6×6 is out of production, tuning firms are the only option for a 6 wheeler. Carlex Design’s X-Class is competing with Kahn Design’s Huntsman 6 wheeler, based upon the Land Rover Defender, and the Hennessey VelociRaptor 6×6, based on the Ford Raptor. Which one would you choose given the choice?



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