Rumours have been circulating the internet recently which suggest a link is being forged between Jaguar and BMW. The rumours surround the upcoming replacement for the Jaguar F-Type. They originate from a 2016 report that the two companies were looking to work together. It seems that the two companies put off their plans, with the possibility that they could be picked back up again at a later date.

The rumours surround the V8 powered versions of the F-Type. Jaguar currently uses a Ford-derived V8 for its F-Type R and F-Type SVR products. The Supercharged V8 is somewhat of a dinosaur compared to the BMW unit in question. The rumours suggest that Jaguar could be in line to receive BMW’s 4.4 litre V8 unit which currently puts out between 560 hp and 625 hp.

Rumours are also suggesting that the F-Type, which was originally released back in 2013, will get larger in its second generation. Media outlets are reporting that Jaguar are pushing for the design to incorporate a 2+2 layout to compete more directly with the Porsche 911.

The rumours also suggest that the V8 powerplant could be moved into the Range Rover and other Jaguar models once successfully incorporated into the F-Type. Expect the F-Type to continue to offer a V6 and four-cylinder model with electric and hybrid versions to follow some time after launch.

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