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Official: McLaren 570S by 1016 Industries

Known for their Lamborghini kits, 1016 Industries is a tuning company dedicated to go the extra mile and make real carbon fiber aerodynamic kits which not only look good but provide actual downforce in the right areas. Their latest product comes as a response to the market needs for genuine enhancements for the smallest McLaren; the Sports Series.

The 570s may be the baby Mclaren of the family but it is incredibly powerful, light weight and promises jaw dropping performance. Early owners and enthusiasts apparently noted a lack of downforce and instability at the limits of performance. 1016 Industries chose to address this starting with a full scan and analysis of the factory body to determine where deficiencies existed. Feedback from users driving the GT4 variant provided valuable feedback as to improved results.

The final package incorporates a more stable, planted and complete aero profile. The rear wing takes inspiration from both the P1 GTR and the 570 GT4, with modifications to make it more useable on the street. Wing uprights and tips incorporate the Mclaren symbol into the design. The upper blade features a new aero profile to produce maximum downforce while minimizing drag. The wing features pitch adjustable range in order to further dial in needed performance.

The front of the car receives some attention to maximize front axle loading while maintaining a clear slip stream. The front is three-piece, extending the horizontal loading area out from the bumper profile and adding side louvers for channeling air coming across the front end. Vented louvers in the fenders ensure that high pressure trapped air above the wheels is release to allow negative pressure in that area.

A P1 style hood includes optional active air duct in partnership with another development house. The side blade and door trims maintain much of the shape of the factory profile, with horizontal extension and winglets for stylized side stability and air channeling.

The complete kit is fabricated in full carbon fiber material and fits both the McLaren 540 C and McLaren 570 GT/S, featuring:

Vented hood (optional duct kit available for functionality of radiator venting)
Vented fenders to release trapped high pressure above the wheel
4 piece side blades
Fully adjustable and functional rear wing for added rear axle downforce
3 piece replacement front lip for added front axle downforce.

With added downforce 1016 Industries expects to release both a plug and play ECU and TCU controller to offer the most complete upgrade available to the entire driveline of the vehicle. Power is increased via an additional computer, while drivetrain changes in throttle mapping, traction management, transmission patterns and speed among other refinements to the system.



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