Hidden in a small dark room in the AMG hospitality building at the Nurburgring we were able to witness the first part of the upcoming AMG hypercar today. On the occasion of AMG’s 50th Anniversary the team from Affalterbach gave us an exclusive preview of the F1 powered Project One hypercar.

Philipp Eckert, the concept engineer, shared some new details of the drive train and technology going into the Project ONE. For starters the engine is developed by the F1 teams in Brackley and Brixworth and uses components from various recent F1 seasons. The 1.6 liter V6 turbo engine is paired with four different electric motors creating a total output of more than 1,000hp.

The 1.6 liter V6 is equipped with a single turbocharger which is connected to a 80kW electric motor that helps spin up the turbocharger to create exceptional boost and performance levels. A second 120kW electric motor is mounted directly on the crankshaft. Where the combustion engine powers the rear wheels, two additional 120kW electric motors are connected to the front wheels essentially creating an all-wheel drive vehicle. The total power output of the combustion engine is 723hp and the combined output of the electric motors is 326hp. AMG reached a total termal efficiency of a very impressive 43%.

Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Project ONE

The engine is paired to a brand new single clutch 8 speed gearbox that can run in full auto mode or be controlled by paddles mounted behind the steering wheel. In full e-mode the AMG hypercar is able to drive 25 kilometers fully electric powering just the front wheels.

The engine is limited to 11,000 rpm – way higher than other hypercars on sale today but reduced from the F1 engine’s typical 14,500 rpm. Idle speeds are also reduced from about 4,000 rpm in F1 to below 2,000 rpm in the street legal AMG hypercar. This aids usability as a road car and engine lifetime. A full engine rebuild is required after 50,000 kilometers.

The AMG hypercar will get multi-link suspension front- and rear very much like the F1 cars. Just the execution and scale is different due to the electric motors in the front and the different desires in terms of on-road comfort. A nose lift system will be available to increase practicality. Special tires will be developed for the AMG Project ONE to cope with the parameters the hypercar requires. The powertrain demo came with forged wheels with carbon fibre aero blades for increased aerodynamics. The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are sized 335/30 R20 on the rear and 285/35 R19 on the front. Although this may not be the final sizing for the production car it gives a good impression of what customers can expect.

Looking at the powertrain prototype it is clear the AMG Project ONE hypercar will get a very low center of gravity. The driver and passenger sit directly in front of the mid-mounted engine underneath the stunning carbon fibre air scoop.

The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE will celebrate its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 in September. The first customer can expect their cars in 2019. The limited edition AMG hypercar will be build in England.

The AMG hypercar is strictly limited to 275 pieces and has a price tag of 2,250,000 euro excluding tax. It will be exclusively available as a left hand drive (LHD) version.

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