The first customer Ford GT officially left the production line this week, marking the end of the development process and the start of the production process which is set to last into 2020. The timing of the first car ensures Ford meets its target of producing the first production car before the end of the year!

The Ford GT was first unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show almost two years ago. Its development since has hit the headlines at every opportunity. Whether it was the public test drives that caught the attention of law enforcement, or the ballot system Ford employed to decide who should own one. We’ve heard a great deal about the new Ford GT!

The first car looks to be a solid black colour with a set of red racing stripes running down the middle. The interior gets red accents which seem to fit the personality of the car perfectly.

What we know about the Ford GT so far sounds incredibly positive. It doesn’t get the traditional V8 this time around, instead, Ford have fitted a 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 engine which should reduce weight and increase efficiency. Firm power statistics have not yet been released with Ford stating that figures will be around 600 hp+.

Ford originally planned to produce just 500 Ford GT’s. It is now expected that around 1,000 will leave the production line, produced at a rate of 1 car per day.

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