Almost exactly 9 months since the unveiling of Bugatti’s new hypercar we recently met Bugatti’s CEO Wolfgang Durheimer and were able to ask him a few questions about the new Bugatti.

So far only one customer Chiron has been delivered to a very loyal customer. He received his Chiron along with the unique one-off Bugatti Gran Turismo Concept. Recently we heard rumors about a limited run ‘Gran Turismo Concept’ inspired production car but Mr Durheimer is quick to tackle these rumors. “The full focus is on building and delivering the Chirons for customers who have placed an order so far.”

Talking about orders – the 2.4 million euro hypercar from Bugatti received 220 confirmed orders so far. Enough reason for Bugatti to increase production capacity to 65 cars for 2017 which means there is a 3 year wait for new orders at the moment. With potential customer test drives scheduled from March 2017 the CEO has good hopes the remaining Chirons will sell quickly. “I’m confident the customers who have not yet decided to order a Chiron will do so when they have had a chance to drive it.”

An interesting fact about the initial delivery order; existing Bugatti owners and especially those that own multiple vehicles will receive their Chirons sooner than those new to the brand. Bugatti rewards brand loyalty and at the same time gives the trade of Veyron’s a boost.

Following the first Chiron delivered to a Middle Eastern customer a few months ago, there are a number of customer cars being built as we speak. Their lucky owners will take delivery of their vehicles at the beginning of next year and from that moment on customer cars will be delivered to their owners at a rate of just over five per month.

Following the recent expansion of Bugatti’s dealer network in Munich, Monte Carlo and Tokyo Mr. Durheimer is happy with the current network and does not plan any further expansion at this point.

Bugatti aims to continue and extend their customer events after the deliveries of the first Chirons including top speed experiences and the annual Bugatti Tour. Altogether exciting times especially for those who paid a 200,000+ deposit and are eagerly awaiting for their Chiron to be delivered.

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