Under its current business plan, Aston Martin will release a new car every year until 2022 – and that will include a mid-engine V8 supercar.

The mid-engine Aston Martin will be the last car to arrive under Aston’s ‘second century’ business plan, with a debut expected in 2022. The automaker says the mid-engine V8 car will be “more mainstream,” than the radical AM-RB 001 it is developing alongside Red Bull Racing chief technical officer Adrian Newey.

When it arrives, the mid-engine V8 model will have the latest mid-engine V8 Ferrari in its crosshairs. Aston Martin will of course try to offer a faster, better performing car than Ferrari and will use lessons learned from the AM-RB 001 in the supercar’s development.

Aston Martin says the success of recent limited edition models such as the Vulcan and Vantage GT8 and GT12 have encouraged it to chase fellow supercar manufacturers like Ferrari and Porsche. Those models, which all sold out before they were officially announced, have proven there is intense demand for high-performance, limited-run Aston Martin models.

Feature Image by Samir Sadikhov

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