An exclusive party in one of the most notable parts of México City was held by Lamborghini for the unveiling of the latest Huracán models: the rear wheel drive LP 580-2, and the all wheel drive drop top LP 610-4. Guests were carefully selected from the dealer’s customers as well as some VIPs and the very best of media, to ensure the launch was held in a luxurious and inviting atmosphere without being crowded.

After some cocktails and small talk, the official launch started with the Lamborghini México’s CEO description of the models, what they represent for the brand and the market, and what makes them stand out from the competition. Not long afterwards, the cars were uncovered to show a striking look on the Spyder with a special set of wheels and for the first time, a Huracán without its top. For an equally impressive effect, on a somewhat redesigned vehicle, the LP 580-2 was shown in a gorgeous red hue which stunned everyone with its subtle but still noticeable differences.

With a gap in price of around 40k USD between the base RWD car and the base AWD model, the positive response comes with no surprise, and it is said that some vehicles were configured and quotas reserved that same night. Although the car can be seen as the cheap alternative of a brand new Lamborghini, truth is, the appeal of the LP 580-2 goes beyond that: a lighter, much more responsive, and perhaps better tuned, driver’s oriented version of the successful Huracán.

Either you love feeling of the car gripping on every and any surface while you show off with the roof down, or you prefer the true driver’s version of an exotic sportscar with rear wheel drive only, one thing is true: there’s now a great array of options and configurations to choose from, and there’s no better time in México to buy a Huracán.

PHOTOGRAPHY BYSupercars México
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